Four signs that your pool has a problem

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Installing a pool brings you years of relaxation and fun with your family and friends. A pool needs proper maintenance for it to last for decades. When you have the right pool maintenance plan, you swimming pool can last for a longer time. Preventative care and maintenance of your pool will enable you to have fun as you enjoy your pool a year after another. However, it is important to fix any problem you notice with your pool as fast as possible. If you ignore any small issues with your pool, they can easily result in costly damages. While some signs of pool problem can easily be detected, some may not be easily noticed nor thought of during maintenance. Here are four signs that you may have pool problem and how to fix it.

Trees around the water

If large tree and foliage surround your pool, that may put some unexpected stress on your pool. This is because when leaves fall into the water, they can cause the drains to clog up. Moreover, large amounts of debris will make the filter to work harder, which in turn reduces its lifespan.

You can look for some affordable screen enclosures to help mitigate the problem. You should also remind your pool technician to check if your filter needs replacement.

The pool is leaking

If you find out that you have to refill your pool more than usual, there could be a leak in the walls or inside the plumbing. Don’t ignore this sign because it may lead to more expenses. The more you add fresh water to replace what is lost, the more dilute the chemical makeup of the water will be.

You should first call a pool technician to have your outer equipment inspected. If it is the pool plumbing leaking from the outside, you can easily fix it. You will save yourself the expenses on water bills and chemicals.

There is no main drain

Most pools are designed to draw water from the main drain and the skimmer. In the past, most technicians could cap off the main drain as a quick fix to a problem like a leak. However, such a procedure is not an adequate fix anymore. While some pools may no longer have the main drain, some may have clogged ones. A pool that lacks a main drain works at half the capacity it should be.

If your pool has a main drain that is clogged or capped off, contact an expert to help fix the problem. In case your pool never had a main drain, call a pool technician to install a system to vacuum your pool.

Your pool equipment is too small

Pumps and filters come in different sizes and power designed to meet specific needs of your pool. If the pump or filter on your pool is too small, there will be poor circulation which will increase stress on your equipment and plumbing. If this is the state of your pool, be sure to hire a pool technician to install the right size of filter and pump that is best suited your pool.

Taking care and maintaining your pool can help prevent most pool problems. Crystal Clear Pool Care is here to save you valuable time and keep your pool in top working condition. Contact us today for pool cleaning and maintenance services in New Braunfels.

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