Why You Should Get your pool Water Tested

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Many homeowners often get confused when they walk into pool stores looking for proper pool chemicals. Well, the intention is to take care of your pool, but it’s likely that you even don’t know the right chemicals to use or what functions they serve in your pool. It’s a good idea to hire a pool service company to take care of your weekly, monthly, or annual pool cleaning and maintenance. Pool water testing is a very crucial part of your maintenance routine and should not be ignored whatsoever.

Note that there are recommended levels for the different types of chemicals in your pool. Remember your swimming pool is not only a major investment but also contributes to the value of your property. It also makes a difference during the hot summer months. You, therefore, have every reason to maintain and care for it. Testing your pool water is necessary, no matter the type of pool in your property. But, why?

Pool Equipment Preservation

As mentioned, your swimming pool is a large investment, and you should do everything possible to protect that investment. You also want to make sure that your pool lasts and serves you for the longest time possible. Adding chemicals and maintaining them at recommended levels will help preserve your pool and its equipment. Low PH will corrode and deteriorate your pool and its equipment.

Bather Safety

Pool water that doesn’t have enough sanitizer is unsafe for use. It’s that simple. The last thing you want to happen to you is seeing your kids or friends developing waterborne infections. That will mean additional expenses in the form of medical bills. Testing your pool water helps you to monitor and maintain the levels of the sanitizer and keep them in acceptable ranges.

Bather Comfort

Do you that your comfort in the swimming pool is dependent on total alkalinity level and PH levels? It’s important that you maintain a PH that’s comfortable to your skin and eyes. That should be somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6. If you’ve ever come out of a swimming pool with irritated eyes, the problem must have been poor water balance. Too much chlorine in your pool water could result in itchy eyes. Testing your water helps to know when to add a chlorine neutralizer to ensure the sanitizer level is within the required level.

Save Money

Testing your pool water on a regular basis will certainly save you money. Homeowners often view it as a waste of money, but that’s not the case. When you look at the costs associated with having an unbalanced pool water, you’ll realize the outweigh those that come with testing your pool water regularly. As mentioned, it helps to preserve your pool equipment which means there’s you won’t be required to replace your equipment prematurely.

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