Five Pool Maintenance Tips

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If you have a pool in your residential property, you’ll agree to the fact that sparkling water isn’t something that happens by itself. It’s usually fun having your friends and family members around during weekend parties and spend most of your afternoons lounging poolside. While it’s good to have fun and enjoy your pool, you shouldn’t forget that pool ownership comes with the responsibility of maintenance. Failure to maintain your pool will certainly lead to less-than-luxurious conditions-algae build-up, unclean water, and broken filters. Of course, the last thing you want to see is a pool that no longer feels safe for use.

So, how do you about your pool maintenance? Understand that your pools need to have proper pool chemistry before you can enjoy it. Having a proper pool maintenance routine will not only prolong your fun during those hot summer afternoons but extend the life of your pool parts, too. These five tips will help you maintain a balanced pool chemistry.

Maintain the Proper Balance of Chemicals

When there are lower temperatures, your swimming pool will experience less water evaporation which means it will require fewer chemicals. During high temperatures, like it is in summer, your pool will need more chemicals due to the high rate of evaporation. It’s, therefore, important that you monitor and maintain proper PH levels in your pool water. When there’s a proper balance of chemicals, the water becomes comfortable when swimming. An imbalanced pool will not only corrode your pump, handrails and other equipment but also make the water unsafe for you.

Skim, Scrub, and Vacuum

Skimming debris and leaves should come at the top of your pool maintenance routine. It’s also important that you clean the filter baskets. It’s recommended to use a long-handled leaf skimmer to clean the pool surface. You can clean the baskets by removing and shaking them out. Skimming should be on a daily basis while cleaning the baskets can be done at least once a week.

Vacuuming your pool is also very crucial. It’s what helps to maintain the water clear. It’s a good idea to clean your filters every week while vacuuming your pool. Use a pool brush to scrub the sides of your pool to prevent any algae growth.

Monitor the Water Levels throughout the Year

You should check the water level in your pool whenever you do your weekly cleaning of the baskets, walls, and pool floor. Experts recommend keeping water in the pool throughout the year, even during the winter months. Of course, you’ll want to drain the pool at the end of the season or just for maintenance purposes, but this doesn’t mean you should leave your pool to sit empty for too long. During the swimming season, make sure that the level of water in your pool stays at the proper level.

Maintain the Pool Heater

Despite the fact that your pool heater doesn’t require much when it comes to maintenance, it’s a good idea to schedule for occasional maintenance. Note that you’ll need professional maintenance in this case.

Clean the Pool Filters

If you want to keep your swimming pool in top working order, cleaning the filters cannot be an option. However, this shouldn’t be done too often. While a small amount of dirt helps to trap other particles, a pool filter that’s too dirty can result in problems. You should also clean out the pipes that connect to the filter system at least once a month.

Schedule a Monthly or Yearly Service Appointment

Why not let professionals take care of your pool maintenance needs? Working with experts will keep your pool in top working condition as you focus on other important things. However, if you think you can handle the maintenance work all by yourself, you’ll still need to schedule a service appointment with a professional pool maintenance service at least once a year.

Crystal Clear Pool Care is here to help with all your pool cleaning and maintenance needs. Whether you want us to come to your residential or commercial property every week or on a monthly basis, our technicians will ensure your pool remains in tip-top shape throughout the year. Contact us today.

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