Four Common Pool Care Mistakes

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Clean well maintained poolProper pool maintenance starts with understanding what’s the right and wrong way of caring for your pool. Everyone has a reason why they chose to have a swimming pool in their homes. If you analyze carefully, you’ll realize that the benefits of having a pool on your residential property can greatly outweigh the negatives. However, this is only possible for homeowners that commit to taking proper care for and maintain their pool.

Maintaining your pool will not only allow you to enjoy swimming and relaxing in your pool water but will go a long way to increase the lifespan of your pool. The ultimate result will be saving you money. It’s time you learned some of the common mistakes most pool owners make that often result in costly repairs or green pools. As mentioned, knowing what’s wrong will help you do the right thing.

Treating your Swimming Pool Like a Water Park

Why did you decide to have a pool in the first place? To use it, right? Now, understand that the more you use it or, the more your friends and family get into the pool, the more chlorine you’ll need to add to maintain a proper balance of the chemicals. It’s a good idea to inform your pool service company anytime you’re having an outdoor event so that they can properly prepare your swimming pool. Your service technician will also get ready to add more chlorine and ensure the chemicals are balanced after the party or event takes place.

If you’re one of those homeowners who care for their pools themselves, be sure to observe maintenance practices such as adding chlorine, cleaning your pool filter, brushing, and vacuuming promptly after the event. You may use an inline chlorinator to maintain the chlorine levels in the event your pool needs a high amount of chlorine. A chlorine floater can be used as well.

Turning your Pool Pump Off

As much as you’re working towards reducing your utility bills and saving more money, turning off your pool pump will only result in more money being spent on service maintenance and chlorine. Remember your pool is designed in such a way that it keeps itself clean. If you live in high-temperature areas, keeping your pump running for long hours is not an option. It’s recommended to run your pump for about seven to eight hours each, especially in the hot summer days. You may need to run it 24 hours a day if you’re trying to keep unwanted algae from developing or getting your pool from green to blue.

Letting Pets to play around your Swimming Pool

Many homeowners have built pools that are both human and pet-friendly. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with letting your haired friend swim in your pool. However, it’s important that you newt your pool immediately your pets swim. Remember to clean your pool filter and skimmer basket as well. This helps to prevent pet hair from getting back into the pool.

Inappropriate use of Algaecide

We both know that algaecides are used in the treatment of algae present in the pool water. What you might have never known is that algaecides usually reduce the level of chlorine in the pool water. It, therefore, follows that you should ensure there’s a high level of chlorine in your pool water before applying any algaecide. Applying this treatment when there’s a low chlorine level could end up turning your pool greener. Make sure the algaecide reaches all the areas and corners of the pool.

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