What Most Pool Service Companies Have Never Told You and Won’t Tell You

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Sometimes all you need is the right information, and you’re able to avoid common mistakes made by everyone. Many homeowners often require pool cleaning and maintenance services from pool care companies due to their busy schedule. It’s a good idea to hire a professional pool care company to help with your pool maintenance needs. However, we both know that there are many pool service companies out there and not all of them are committed to providing you with quality service and protecting your investment. So, how do you determine the best pool service company? Well, here are five secrets most pool care companies won’t let you know.

Skipped Pool Cleaning

If you’ve ever worked with any other professional service, you know that working with someone who has many people to attend to is likely to lead to delayed service. When it comes to pool service companies, the more pools a company has on its service or maintenance schedule, the more likely your pool will be skipped. In this case, we’re talking about “not the good technicians.” Most of the companies that operate this way are usually in their growing stage of business and don’t have enough technicians and employees to accommodate the available clients.

If your pool is skipped, always give the technician of pool care service the benefit of the doubt. There are times when the service company may simply over-look your pool-cleaning service, however. If this happens, consider asking for a drop ticket detailing the time the technician was there, the services offered, the condition of your pool, and the chemicals used. You should expect this from any reputable pool cleaning company.

Charging more for Pool Chemicals

Understand that the majority of pool care companies will charge you one flat rate. It doesn’t matter the quantity of chemicals they might have used. A service company shouldn’t charge you a high flat rate and then proceed to charge for additional chemicals on your monthly bill. It’s, however, important to note that service companies may increase their charges due to changes in gas prices or seasonal changes. When this happens, you still be able to pay an agreed flat rate that you’ve approved. No one should charge you more for chlorine of extra acid unless a chemical is being bought specifically for your pool.

Used Parts for Pool Repairs

While most pool service companies offer pool cleaning, maintenance, and repair services, some only focus on pool cleaning and maintenance. Note that pool service companies that offer repair services usually get their parts at a less cost than what you’d pay for if you were to purchase them. Pay attention to repair technicians that come to repair your pool and be sure they’re not using used parts. Do you mean we have such technicians? Yes, the dishonest ones. Consider inspecting or viewing the equipment before the technician installs them.

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