Tips for choosing the right pool contractor

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You’ve spent much of your time planning for a new in-ground pool in your backyard. There are different decisions you have to make, but none is more important than selecting a builder for your pool. It can be a very exciting moment, but you need to get the right pool contractor who won’t take you for a ride. If you hire a swimming pool contractor who is incompetent, unethical or even irresponsible, your project is likely to be a mess. But how do you choose the contractors to contact, and which one to at last to choose? Here are tips for picking the right pool construction company.

Ask around

Word of mouth is often the best way to find a reliable contractor for any job. You can’t get a better recommendation than that of someone whose judgment you abide by and has had a pool built for them. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for contractors they trust and have worked with in the recent past. By asking them, you will stay clear on who to call for an estimate and who to avoid.

Ask for referrals

Don’t fear to ask for a list of customer references from the pool contractor. Get the list and contact those people asking them their experience during the pool building process. Inquire about the number of pools the contractor has built in the past year of work. If your contractor hesitates to give you a list of references, this could be a red flag.  

Look into their background

Once you have a list of contractors you are in touch with, do your homework and look into their background. Check out for complaints by past clients from the Better Business Bureau. You also need to ensure the company is licensed and remember to ask for proof. Moreover, the company should be insured to prevent you being liable for any injuries and damages during the building process. A certified pool contractor is an assurance that the contractor has proper training and testing on pool building.

Don’t be fooled by money

When it comes to pool construction, you will always get what you pay for. Get bids from 3-5 companies and have a comparison. A company with a very low estimate than expected, it is likely to offer poor quality work. It is important to remember that quality work requires both time and money. This does not a rule out that you only have to pick on the contractor with the highest estimate. However, the cheapest contractor is more likely to fail to meet your expectation.

Get it in writing

You need to have the agreement in writing. If you have a written contract, you will be able to have the contractor tied to doing what you agreed on. However, in the absence of a written contract, you won’t be able to hold the contractor responsible after the job is done.

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