Common Pool Cleaning Mistakes you should Avoid

We both know that pool maintenance is a very crucial part of pool ownership. If you’re going to invest your money into such a huge investment, you must also be ready to do what it takes to maintain it. You decided to own a pool because you not only wanted to add value to your property but wanted a summer oasis where you could relax and enjoy swimming. Avoiding pool cleaning mistakes will help you keep your pool in a good working condition.

Ever passed by a pool that no longer has crystal clear, blue waters? What was your response? Or, how did you feel? You either asked yourself where the pool owner is or you wondered what could be wrong with him, didn’t you? We build swimming pools with a purpose which is why it’s important to get it right when maintaining and cleaning them. There are mistakes pool owners across New Braunfels, and other regions make when maintaining their pools. You don’t want to be one of them, don’t you? Here are pool cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Relying on Automatic Cleaners

You agree to the fact that the world is moving very fast when it comes to technological developments. That explains why we’re getting used to everything that’s automated. An Automatic pool cleaner is a high-tech device that one drops in a swimming pool to suck up and store away any debris and dirt in the pool. Using automatic cleaners as a substitute for manual pool scrubbing and cleaning is wrong. Well, note that the device can be used to maintain an already-clean pool. You should, however, not use it and think there’s you don’t have to perform your regular pool cleaning and maintenance.

Deciding to Choose a Skimmer over a Rake

When it comes to removing debris from your pool’s bottom and surface, leaf rakes are likely to be a better option as compared to leaf skimmers. Of course, you’d prefer leaf skimmers because they are cheaper. However, if you want equipment that will do a thorough job, consider using a leaf rake. Furthermore, you can easily dip down a rake at the bottom of the pool and pick up the debris than you would with a leaf skimmer.

Ignoring the Pool Walls and Bottom

Whether it’s ignoring or forgetting to brush and scrub the bottom of your pool or its walls, understand that this is a mistake you’re making. As much as you’re committed to skimming the pool water of any accumulated dirt and debris, it’s also important that you add pool chemicals regularly without forgetting to scrub and brush the bottom and sides of your pool. Forgetting to do so will result in bacteria and algae build-up within the inner surfaces of your pool. That’s when you’ll realize your pool is turning green and you’re experiencing chemical imbalances and other issues. Remember to scrub and brush your pool’s sides and bottom on a weekly basis.

Why not let the professionals take better care of your swimming pool all year round. The technicians at Crystal Clear Pools are to save you the hassle of having to clean and maintain your pool each day or week. Contact us at Crystal Clear Pools and let’s protect your investment.



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