How to cut down pool maintenance costs this summer?

A swimming pool is incredibly a great way to cool down during the summer months. As you enjoy your swimming pool with family and probably friends, the cost of owning the pool can quite steep. No one likes seeing bigger bills than they have to and precisely no one wants to waste even a single dollar. The running costs of a swimming pool are incurred regarding energy, chemicals, and water. Saving money in these areas can be worthwhile, and as much as it may seem small, it will increase over time. Here are tips to help you cut back your spending while still maintaining a stress-free lifestyle as you enjoy your pool.

Use your pool cover

Although it may not look so, pool covers can help you reduce your energy costs over time. A pool cover reduces the amount of water that evaporates. It also helps keep the water cool, reducing the workload for your pool heater which requires energy. Moreover, it prevents the build-up of debris in the pool, reducing the number of times you have to clean the pool.

Run your pump and filter at night

Running your pool filter at night not only reduces the energy costs but also helps keep the pool clean. It worth remembering that electricity tariffs are lower at night than during the day. Running your pump and filter at night will help you pay less for the electricity.

Clean the pool filter

As the pool owner, you need to ensure regular cleaning of the filter. If the filer is clogged, it has to work harder so as to do it normal job. This will require much more energy not to mention its inefficiency in filtering the water. Cleaning your filter will prevent you from incurring costly repair expenses.

Invest in an energy-efficient pump

A normal pool pump can only pump at one speed, wasting more energy on other jobs like filtration. By purchasing an energy-efficient pump which has variable speed, you will save thousands of dollars in the long run. Your energy bills will reduce.

Keep the temperature low

If you raise the temperature of the pool water, you may have to spend more. If you’re not using the pool, remember to turn off the heater. Keep the water cool to reduce your energy cost.

Maintain the proper chemical balance

Maintaining proper chemical balance is the most basic means to reduce your pool running costs and keep the water safe. You should regularly test the water and adjust the chemicals as required.

Balance stabilizer levels

Most pool owners understand the importance of maintaining chlorine levels in pool water but fail to know how important the stabilizer is. The role of the stabilizer is to reduce the destructive effect of the ultraviolet light on chlorine. Too much or too little stabilizer level affects the effectiveness of chlorine in pool water. Maintaining the level between 35 and 60 parts per million increases the lifetime of your pool water chlorine.



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