How to Schedule your Pool Maintenance

Pool ownership comes with its own responsibilities. Just like owning a vehicle, pool ownership requires proper maintenance. Well, if you’re not ready to maintain and take care of your pool, the chances are that you won’t enjoy it. In other words, pool maintenance is not an option for anyone who has a swimming pool on their property. Your pool is not only the hub of summer fun but also something that adds value to your backyard and home. It’s, therefore, important that you maintain it and make sure it’s ready and safe for use at all times.

You won’t enjoy your pool when it’s not properly maintained. In fact, an improperly maintained pool can be dangerous to swim in. So, how do you go about your summer pool maintenance schedule? Well, this article will help you know how to establish a consistent maintenance schedule for your pool.

Maintaining your Pool’s Chemical levels is easier than correcting them

If you’ve to ride a bicycle, you know that you require a lot of effort when starting. However, once you’ve attained a certain cycling speed, you’ll require less effort to maintain your bicycle in motion. This is the same case when it comes to maintaining your pool’s chemistry. Once you’ve committed to maintaining the balance of pool chemicals, you won’t have to keep adding large quantities of chemicals. The maintenance process consumes less time and is less stressful when you do the right thing than wait till something goes wrong.Understand that every pool is different. However, the most important thing when it comes to maintaining your pool is consistency.

Daily pool maintenance

Your daily pool maintenance should include checking the water level, checking your pool’s pump and filter, checking the fence and gates, and monitoring your pool’s chlorine and PH. Note that you can tell if the water level has dropped or it’s too high by simply having a glance at your pool. If the water level is way too high, your pool’s skimmers won’t skim. On the hand, a low water level will prevent the skimmers from sucking air. Monitor the water level each day to ensure proper functioning of your pool equipment.When it comes to checking the PH and Chlorine in your pool water, you don’t have to do it each day. It’s, however, recommended to do it at least twice or thrice a week. A glance at your pools filter pressure gauge will help you know if everything is fine. Other daily maintenance tasks include checking pump baskets and checking the pool cleaner.

Weekly pool maintenance

The main tasks that should fall into your weekly maintenance schedule include cleaning your pool, checking the total alkalinity, cleaning pool deck areas, and adding specialty chemicals. Note that high levels of TA will make it difficult for you to adjust the PH levels in your pool water. Low TA, on the other hand, makes it difficult to control the PH. Consider using a blower to keep your pool clean. Specialty chemicals to add on a weekly basis include algaecide, metal sequestrate or enzyme, and a clarifier.

Monthly pool maintenance

Your monthly pool maintenance schedule should include shocking your pool, cleaning the pool filter, checking calcium and cyanuric acid levels, checking time clock, cleaning skimmers and the water line, and having a saturation index test. Note that cleaning the waterline can also be done every week to get rid of scum and any dirt.

Remember to close your swimming pool during winter. You don’t want snow and ice to enter into your summer oasis. You don’t have to empty the pool water. All you need to do is to shut down the pumps, filter, and heater as per the outlined or recommended specifications. Don’t forget to drain the piping as well. Let Crystal Clear Pools help you will all your pool cleaning and maintenance needs. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly pool cleaning and maintenance, we got you covered.



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