Should I Leave My Pool Open or Close it For Winter?

Many pool owners across the United States often ask this question. Some are usually confused as to whether they should close their pool in winter or leave it open. As much as there’s no clear answer to this common question, understanding the different circumstances and factors that can affect your decision is important. The decision is all yours as a person. However, you should consider several important factors before making the decision.

Keeping your Pool Open

As mentioned, the decision to winterize your pool is personal. It may also depend on the region where you live. One of the reasons you may consider closing your pool is to protect your equipment from the freezing temperatures in winter. One way to protect your pool lines from freezing is by keeping your pump running to ensure there’s a constant flow of water. It also helps to prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting. You may consider buying a pool timer that has freeze protection to help in turning on your pool pump and heater whenever the outdoor temperatures drop below a certain level.

The choice to keep your pool open in winter comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. Maintenance work, in this case, includes cleaning the pool filter, balancing the water, and servicing the pool equipment. Note that you’ll use fewer chemicals in winter than during summer and spring. During winter, the water is losing less water and chlorine because of the low temperatures.

What else should you consider?


The other thing you should consider is the cost of keeping your pool open in winter. Unlike during summer and spring, you’ll spend more electricity to keep your pool open during the winter months. If you’re going to keep your pool open, you won’t need to purchase a safety or winter cover. Additionally, you’ll spend less money on pool chemicals as soon as the spring season sets in. Closing your pool for winter is likely to leave you with bouts of algae growth at the beginning of spring.

Salt Systems

For pool owners that use a salt system, being careful and paying close attention to the temperature threshold is important. Monitor the temperature and make sure it doesn’t drop below the set threshold. Remember the cold winter temperatures usually makes it easy to maintain sanitation. That means your swimming pool will be in good condition even when the salt system is off for a couple of months. It’s, however, important that you keep testing and maintaining proper chemical levels in your pool water.

Closing your Pool

It’s a good idea to hire a professional pool care company to help you close your pool if you choose to do so. Closing a pool requires many steps which is why it’s important to work with the pros at Crystal Clear Pools. That’s how to make sure everything is done correctly. Pool owners who want to stay away from pool duties during the winter months often opt to close it. Note that this decision comes with a price.



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