Our Schertz Pool Maintenance team knows that the heat sends people to Cut Off Park. When that’s not an option, we want you to enjoy stress-free time in your own pool. This can’t happen if you’re worried about your pool’s chemical levels and maintenance. Our team is focused on providing you with the best possible pool service in Schertz, TX.

Pool Service

Our pool service team has 30 years of training and experience in pool maintenance services. We are professional and proficient, working to keep your investment clean and running consistently. We can offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pool service, depending on your needs and budget.

Pool Maintenance

Crystal Clear maintenance checks include checking pool equipment and making sure it works properly. Pool owners don’t always have the time or energy to take care of their pool. We keep your pool up and running with no added stress to you. We check and clean your filter, fix leaking seal kits, and replace faulty pool components.Balanced chemical levels are a major part of pool maintenance. Gym pools are checked every few hours because so many people use them, and the balance always changes. Personal pools don’t need that level of testing, but balanced levels are still just as important.


Cleaning your pool regularly is the best way to prevent maintenance issues. We have what it takes to keep your pool cleaned and running all year round. Weekly to monthly check-ups will help keep your pool healthy and happy. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. Each service will include the following as needed:

  • - Vacuuming the Pool

  • - Brushing Pool Surfaces

  • - Skimming the Surface for Debris

  • - Checking and Cleaning the Automatic Pool Cleaners

  • - Emptying the Skimmer and Pump Baskets

  • - Backwashing the Pool Filter

  • - Check Chems

  • - Adjust Chems

  • - Add Algae Prevention

  • - Add Clarifier



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