Spring Branch Pool Service knows that the Guadalupe River area is often packed with people. Instead of dealing with parking, picnics, and hoards of people, you can stay at home and enjoy your pool. Finding joy in your pool means regular maintenance, which you may not find all that joyous. We have 30 years of family-owned and operated experience and will provide you with the best prices.

Swimming Pool Service

We want more than anything to give you stress-free time in your swimming pool. That’s the reason we plan our weekly, every other week, or monthly visits around your schedule. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Our work is only successful if you are satisfied with our work. During our scheduled visits, we look for any problems your pool may be showing. Fixing a problem while it is still small is essential to a long-lasting pool system. If we can find it early, we can fix it before it becomes too expensive.

Pool Cleaning

A clean and well-maintained pool means a happy customer, and that is our goal. Keeping the water properly sanitized and chemically balanced is our promise. You won’t have to worry about bacteria or the safety of your swimming pool. Our routine check-ups ensure that you’ll have the continuous use of your pool whenever the need strikes. Each service will include the following as needed:

  • - Vacuuming the Pool

  • - Brushing Pool Surfaces

  • - Skimming the Surface for Debris

  • - Checking and Cleaning the Automatic Pool Cleaners

  • - Emptying the Skimmer and Pump Baskets

  • - Backwashing the Pool Filter

  • - Check Chems

  • - Adjust Chems

  • - Add Algae Prevention

  • - Add Clarifier



285 Oelkers Dr.,

New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone Number:

(830) 203-9099

285 Oelkers Dr, New Braunfels, TX 78130, USA