Reasons to keep your pool clean

A pool is a luxury in a home, and it comes with commitment. While you need to relax and have fun with your family and friends in your backyard, you still have to ensure the pool is clean. The cleanliness of a pool determines the safety of the swimmers, its general appearance, and working condition as well. In fact, no one likes to have a dirty pool in their backyard. Failure to maintain a clean and clear swimming pool may affect the functioning of the filters and pump. Moreover, you risk your family developing illness as a result of the unclean water. By understanding the risks arising from a dirty pool, you will give pool cleaning a priority. However, it is a wise idea to leave the cleaning job to a pool cleaning service. Here are reasons why regular pool cleaning is essential.

Germs and contaminants

A dirty pool can be a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, and other nasty contaminants. Unclean rainwater, leaves, or bird droppings make your outdoor pool susceptible to different contaminants. Swimming in such unclean pools can cause respiratory illnesses, especially to children. How often to add chlorine to the pool to keep it balanced depends on how often your pool is used. Luckily, regular professional pool cleaning will ensure the chemical balance is maintained, mitigating the health risks. Hire a reliable pool cleaning service to make this job unbelievably manageable.


Although it is not physically harmful, algae can easily dominate the walls or floor of your pool that was once crystal clear. This mostly happens in regions with high temperature most time of the year. If you notice your pool turning slightly green, it could be a sign that your pool has algae growth on your pool’s surfaces. Call a pool cleaning professional to help get rid of the algae. If you use algaecides yourself, you can easily affect the concentration of chlorine in the water.   

Impacted pool pumps

Your pool pump baskets require regular cleaning. Neglecting to clean them can allow debris to collect and algae to grow. If your pool pump baskets get clogged, there will be reduced water flow. This can affect the overall filtration that helps keep the pool clean. You should clean your Pool pump baskets at least once a week for them to work efficiently.

Pool appearance

A well-maintained pool should have crystal clear blue water with a surface that is flawless. You can’t be comfortable having a pool with floating debris and green surfaces. A dirty pool impacts not only the appearance of your backyard, but also that of your home at large. If you notice your pool water turning cloudy or slightly green, it should be the time you need to call a cleaning professional. Let your backyard be more welcoming to you, your family and friends as well.

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