Tips to Get Your Pool Ready For Summer

One of the reasons you’re reading this post is because you have an investment that you want to protect. We also know that you want to get all your seasonal accessories ready so your pool can be up and running. You want to enjoy your swimming pool as soon as the hot summer weather hits, don’t you? Now that your pool has been idle or rather dormant throughout the winter season, where do you start to get it ready? What are you supposed to do?

Understand that there are two possible scenarios you could be facing. One, your pool remained open throughout the winter season, but you want to make sure it’s comfortable for use during the summer season. The other scenario is that you had closed your swimming pool for the winter season and you want to make sure it’s ready for reopening. Whichever situation you’re facing, this tips will help you get your swimming pool ready for the peak swimming season.

Start by Running down the Pool Equipment Checklist

The first question you should probably ask yourself is whether or not you have all the equipment and tools needed in restoring, cleaning, and getting your swimming pool ready for the peak season. Note that your pool will need to be skimmed, cleaned, and vacuumed. You also need to brush the walls of your pool. Ensuring that you have all the tools and equipment for these tasks is, therefore, very crucial. Alternatively, you can
hire a professional pool care company to prepare your pool and get it ready for summer.

Inspect the Pool Deck

Assuming you’ve already assembled all the tools and equipment needed, go ahead and inspect the pool area. Inspection, in this case, means checking for any holes or cracking on the pool surface. If there’s any crack, you may need to resurface your pool or get a deck repair to restore your pool to its proper working condition. You may also need a cool deck overlay if your pool surface feels too hot when walking barefoot.

Time to Remove the Pool Cover

The assumption here is that your swimming pool has a cover on it. After inspecting the pool deck, you need to get rid of any debris and dirt on your pool cover before removing it. Consider using a vacuum when cleaning. You don’t want any of the accumulated dirt to fall in the pool which is why you should remove every single of it. It’s recommended to apply some talc powder on your pool cover when storing it so that it doesn’t stick to itself.

Adjust Chemical Levels and Add Water if Necessary

This is the time to check the water level in your swimming pool. Remember your equipment will work more efficiently when the water is at a certain level. Ensure the water is at the proper level. Secondly, you should make sure there’s proper amount of chemicals in your pool for it to be safe for use. The recommended PH level is between 7.2 and 7.6, chlorine level is between 1 and 3 ppm, calcium hardness is between 150 and 280 ppm, and the total dissolved solids should be between 1000 and 1500 ppm. It’s a good idea to have a professional test and balance the chemical levels for you.

Check your Pool’s Filter and Pump

It’s important that you start off the swimming season when the filters are clean and free of any blockage. It’s recommended to run your pool’s pump for a few minutes to see if there’s anything wrong or unusual. Make sure your pool’s pump is functioning well is crucial.

Clean the Pool Surfaces and the Pool Water

We mentioned that you need to assemble all the tools and equipment you need to clean and remove any debris from your pool. It’s time you now cleaned the water and the pool surfaces. Scrub the pool surfaces gently and use a light pressure to horse a knockdown texture on concrete.

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